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Eagle Womens Free Flex Heater Wetsuit Front Zip

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We've had many requests for an Eagle Free Flex heater wetsuit. Most of the requests were some like "We love your FreeFlex Heater Shirt, can you make that into a wetsuit?". So we did just that. For those of you that prefer not to wear a heater top and heater bottoms separately, you can now choose to go with the two combined together into one suit. The upper body is made from the exact same pattern as the Freeflex top from 1mm Ultra-span neoprene. What makes this suit unique is the front zipper option. It opens up like a jacket and allows you to get in and out very easily. We're taping every seam in the suit to slow the time it takes for water to get into the suit. So by the time it does get in, it'll be warm and the warm water will stay in longer giving you a more comfortable ski set. The wetsuit also incorporates an industry first "waterproof" zipper, and rubber seals at the wrist, legs, neck and across the stomach. We're excited about these new upgrades.

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