Masterline Dlx 9.25m Optimized Slide Loop Mainline (11 Section) Water Ski Slalom Rope

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This is Masterline’s new Optimized Slide Loop slalom mainline for 2019. This new slalom mainline is the culmination of extensive testing by our team of skiers and top coaches to come out with the most optimized slalom line designed to help improve performance and reduce the stress on the body.
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All of Masterline's water ski ropes are handmade in the USA with the highest-quality PolyproMAX yarn. This is a tournament quality rope designed for the "Professional" skier and 34 mph record chaser. It starts at 18.25m and can be shortened to 9.25m. Its looped construction at 18.25m and 16m allows for easy removal of unused sections for the professional and large end loop for easy handle attachments. Each rope is hand braided and pre-stretched to ensure tournament readiness and maximum performance. Please allow approximately 1 week for production for this reason.

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